Contemporary Bathroom Design – Styling Hotel Bathrooms at Home

8 Color Secrets to make your Bathroom look Hotel like

If you’re on a tight budget and wanted to have a “hotel like” bathroom don’t worry, you can design your own without spending too much, as long as you know the best color secrets. Learn how to use paint color and accessories to create a gorgeous bathroom that looks luxurious. 

  1. Changing the lighting in your bathroom is one of the easiest ways to transform a plain space into a high-end showpiece. Rethink how lighting is typically used in a bathroom for a designer look. Instead of the traditional light bar above the mirror, try out pretty sconces on either side. If you have the space available, pendants are a trendy look for bathrooms. Pair your new lighting with updated vanity mirrors and new hardware for a gorgeous bathroom makeover.
  1. White cabinets and counter tops create the backdrop for a simple and elegant bathroom. Use a light neutral paint color and white bath linens to create a high-end hotel bathroom style. A casual bathroom can look more expensive if you splurge on quality white towels and rugs. Pair your white linens with neutral accessories to tie everything together.
  1. Setting aside white or wood-toned bathrooms, gray has burst into the design industry as the new go-to bathroom and kitchen color. The reasons for choosing gray for your bathroom are obvious. Gray is soothing and easy to match. Warm grays, like greige, can keep a bathroom from looking cold. Greige is also a perfect choice to complement a wood vanity or trim in the space, and with brushed silver fixtures. Use lighting and accessories to complete your high-end gray bathroom look.
  1. Sometimes in order to create a luxurious hotel style bathroom is a coat or two of paint. If you’re not into DIY or don’t have the time, you can use paint to create a custom look with your boring bathroom vanity.  Choose a paint color for your vanity project that you can repeat around the room in linens and accessories. A rich gray or beige paint color will give your bathroom vanity an expensive look while keeping it neutral.
  1. If you prefer dark wall color and floors, there’s no reason to spoil the mood with white trim and molding. Dark color walls can be beautiful with crisp white trim, but for a subtly elegant look, pair rich wall colors like navy blue, charcoal gray, or dark brown, with mid-toned neutral trim colors.A bathroom makeover with dark colors will need the right lighting, so be sure to experiment with light fixtures and bulbs when you sample paint colors. The secret to a room with deep wall color is accepting that this space will not be light, and know that finding the perfect combination of lighting and natural light is crucial to the room’s success.
  1. A simple change like painting your wainscoting in a neutral color other than white can completely change your bathroom. There is no hard and fast rule that wainscoting and headboard must be painted white. You definitely will want to stick with neutrals if you change your wainscoting, but you will still have a wide range of colors to choose from.
    For such an important painting project you’ll want to sample the new color first. Use a piece of wainscoting or trim to try out your colors so that you can move the sample around the bathroom to get a look at all the angles. It’s extremely important to be sure about your paint color before committing it to features that are affixed to your walls.
  1. Are you decorating a bathroom with vintage features? When you are decorating a dated bathroom that you can’t change, don’t try to fight the features that you can’t fully remodel. You can use those dated features to your advantage by choosing one paint color to unify space. If you choose a paint color in hopes of hiding the unusual tile or flooring, it will do the opposite. A bathroom with pink tile will look even pinker if you try to “minimize” the pink with green or blue. You’ll want to choose a bathroom paint color that is similar to the dated tile or flooring to hide it in plain sight. Your other color secret weapon is to choose a color of the era your bathroom was built and go for the luxury look that was popular at that time. Because of its simplicity, Mid-Century Modern paint colors and style can be used in bathrooms of any era.
  1. You can create a totally custom bathroom style with just a little wallpaper. Old school wallpaper borders are not as popular as they once were, but using wallpaper with crown molding creates an elegant look. In a powder room try a wallpaper accent wall for a glamorous bathroom style. Yes, wallpaper can be used in a bathroom if you have enough ventilation, but powder rooms and guest baths are the perfect spots. Temporary or Renter’s Wallpaper is a great solution for bathrooms because of its adhesive, instead of paste, application.