The DO’s and DON’Ts of Eclectic Style


Eclectic style, it’s one of those easy to love yet a bit harder and tricky to achieve. To help guide your next design project, these do’s and don’ts will give you a better understanding on how you can properly bring the look together and avoid the common mistakes which others usually do.

DO: Consider Layout

When planning out based on eclectic design space, it’s easy to get tangled or caught up on which colors, textures and patterns will bring the look together. However, don’t forget about the placement, layout is one of the important thing in a room aside from color and fabric. The layout of the room is what will make it comfortable and feel like a room you want to be in. Before you start designing your room or purchasing décor, nail down where eachpiece of furniture will go.

DON’T: Forget a Focal Point

When arranging your layout, remember: though eclectic style does involve combining styles and genres through a wide variety of items, the look shouldn’t lack focus. Adding an eye catching element, one or two will accentuate the design.

DO: Consider Utility

As you determine what décor or pieces to use in your eclectic design, never forget that the room is meant to be lived in. It’s quite frustrating to be faced with an empty room and have to consider the colors and fabrics you’ll use to decorate. But utility too is a great decorator, Consider baskets, bookshelves, drink trays and card tables. These elements provide a cozy lived-in atmosphere to your room.

DON’T: Be Inconsistent

The idea of eclectic style is varied, but each room in your home should still complement the others. Carry eclecticism throughout your home to create flow, each room will look disjointed if your styles changes abruptly from one room to the next, if you decide your home is ready for an eclectic upgrade, make it a commitment where the design you chose to implement reflects in each room throughout the house.

DO: Pick One Go-To Color

Adding one color to serve as a unifying color throughout your design. Whether your go-to-color is an olive green or off-white, consistently implement it while decorating for a more cohesive look.

DON’T: Compare Hues

When choosing your go-to-color don’t be tempted to sample paints on the wall, making your decision from a lineup of colors. It is advisable to paint the colors that interests you on a piece of board then look at them in isolation. Painted boards also come in handy for reference when you’re shopping for decors or fabrics.

DO: Practice Balance

Designing eclectic rooms doesn’t mean ditching every rule. Remember: There’s a fine line between layered and collected to busy and distracting. Put a bit of limit on the number of contrasting styles in one room to avoid the feeling of randomness.

DON’T: Be Reserved

Eclectic style is characterized by a multitude of fabrics, patterns, textures and Items. Home accents like rugs, paintings, objects or throw pillow are convenient ways to eliminate the feeling of a reserved design.