Personal Style Simple Easy Guide


Are you the type who can’t decide whether your favorite décor is farmhouse rustic or mid-century modern, or you can’t stand things that are “too matchy”. You like to think outside the box when it comes to home décor –maybe even think up new uses for traditional items? You enjoy incorporating stuff from your travels into your home?

A person who likes and eclectic style will not adhere to one decorating style but instead chooses what they feel is the best of a few particular decorating styles. Then they implement those elements into their home. People who are into eclectic design may be eclectic themselves not fitting into any one stereotype or the likes.

These type of people like what they like, décor wise, and they aren’t afraid to put it all out there, and even though at times it goes against more popular styles of decorating, such as contemporary or farmhouse for example.

Because of this premise, mistakes the eclectic style as an anything-can-go way of decorating but the true eclectic style is a very purposeful and well thought-out way of decorating.

Think of eclectic style as a duplicate of various styles while creating cohesive look through color, texture and /or shape. A good definition of eclectic style decorating are a bunchof “elements that all work together”, it’s not just throwing the look together though the look nay feature things that may not go together. Eclectic décor knows exactly how to refine the bumps and mess with oddball textures and furnishing so it looks very attractive and appealing.

Typical characteristics of eclectic style

  • Calm mix if periods and styles
  • Neutral background colors
  • Unexpected use of materials and/or items
  • Uniqueness in art and furnishings
  • A “get-it together” through pattern, shape, texture, finish or color
  • Everything has its place but it may look cluttered
  • Old easily mixed with new
  • Handmade items or items with sentimental value
  • Add contrasts of colors but not overly mixed