We are a group of dynamic design professionals based in the Philippines. We provide design services for different projects such as commercial, hospitality, residential, office and health care.

Our design approach is user oriented. We take an in-depth study on the factors that affect human behavior and interaction within a given space. Architecture whether we notice or not forms a huge part of the built environment. From the house you live in, to the public areas you go to, the offices you work in and restaurants and commercial spaces you visit. At its core architecture is meant to provide human shelter. The spaces that we require has evolved from the classical period to the modern times and has been influenced by different factors directly relating to design such as construction technology and availability of materials to factors that involves social, cultural and environmental context.

Architecture is just one of the factors that comprise a built environment. We understand that to complete the experience of a space other trades such as interior design, furniture design, engineering design, environmental graphics, landscaping, as well as different product design all play a key role in achieving the design objective. We combine and integrate all these ideas to deliver a complete holistic design.

Design is process. Ideas have to be translated to an actual built environment. Project management is important and an understanding of the building process and requirements involved is crucial in delivering a project. We understand the design choices made during the conceptual stages will affect the overall process and the success of the project.