Hospitality Design

Hotels and resorts are inspirational spaces where we experience comfort away from the familiarity of our home,luxury from the physical design of the suites and amenities and value in the service it provides. The challenge of design is to provide a mood and ambiance that makes the stay memorable.

Residential Design

Private residences are the most personal spaces we enjoy designing. It reflects and influence the personality and daily activity of the owner. It is essential that these spaces work and responds to the very unique requirement of each client.

Office Design

For most people who spend most of their time inside these spaces it is important that the environment nurtures and promotes well-being as these spaces often became sources of stress. The physiological requirement of the human being shouldn’t be ignored. These spaces should be areas we look forward to spending one third of our day.

Commercial Design

These spaces serve a variety of users and the design should set the atmosphere that enriches the retail experience and adds to the sense of satisfaction from every purchase. These spaces should feel good and positive. More than that these spaces aid in socialization and should therefore provide areas that facilitates interaction.